What's in our Clutch? (Prom Edition) ❤

The night before prom you want to make sure you have a list of all the things you need in your clutch. You'd be surprised as to how many of us forget to properly pack our clutches on the day of an event because we're either in a rush (which let's face it, is always) or because we're too stressed!

Now our list contains these items:

❥ MAKEUP: Compact powder, lipstick, lip balm, eyelash glue, mascara, eyeliner

❥ ACCESSORIES: Bobby pins, hair ties

 OTHER: Phone, cash, gum, perfume

You can actually begin to pack your clutch the night before with a few of the items from our list that you won't be using in the morning to get ready with. These items include bobby pins, hair ties, gum and cash. Everything else you'll have to include after you're all dolled up for prom!

Now why did we list these items?

 Let's start with hair ties. Once you're on the dance floor, you're going to start to get really hot/sweaty and you're going to want your hair up in a ponytail at the end of the night so it's less bothersome. The bobby pins are needed when you feel any piece of your hair isn't in place and needs fixing while you're already at prom.

❥ Eyelash glue is a really important product that needs to be packed! The number of times I've seen girls with their falsies falling off is more than it should be. Make sure you have yourself covered by bringing glue if this happens to you. It's a quick easy fix. Same goes for mascara and eyeliner. Quick easy fix if you don't have falsies on but feel you can use a little more mascara on your lashes. Eyeliner is a quick fix if it starts to smudge because of how hot it may be on the dance floor.

❥ Compact powder...ladies I cannot stress enough how important this is to have! You want to make sure your face is always matte throughout the night to avoid an oily face in pictures. Lipstick and lip balm is important as well in case you get a bit of a smudge while eating and need to reapply accordingly.

❥ Now most girls use their phones to take pictures at prom but for the girls that are a bit more old school or just prefer better quality pictures and like to use actual cameras, don't forget to pack them! You also want to make sure you take lots of pictures to remember the night and have both your camera/phone 100% charged...you'll need every percent of it, believe me! Lastly, we recommend having a bit of cash on you, maybe $40 just in case if you may need to use it at any point throughout the night.

Hope these tips helped! Enjoy your night ladies! :)

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