Top 5 Red Prom Dresses

The dress style isn’t the only thing that can make your dress sexy; the color plays an enormous role as well! Bold colors like red add drama to the dress and makes one fierce of a statement!

Mermaid dresses have made a great come back this year for prom! It’s the perfect dress if you’re looking to show off that body without revealing too much skin.  Some girls aren’t comfortable with showing skin but would still prefer a dress that defines their figure, which can be achieved through this style.



This dress is perfect for girls who like the ball gown look but without the hassle of all the extra tulle that comes with it. Tulle can be annoying for some girls to manage throughout the entire night, especially when dancing, which is why the long flowy chiffon dresses make for a great alternative!

I would also recommend this dress for girls who are worried that their chest may be too small. The sweetheart neckline can create emphasis on what is beneath the bust line, which helps make your chest appear larger than it is. Plus, the dress comes with inner padding as well. That makes for double the prominence!


This is the dress you want to wear when you want all eyes on you! The plunge in the neckline makes for a pretty bold statement on its own, but with the high slit, you are making a daring statement. It’s safe to say the dress is effortlessly sexy but because it has no embellishments, it holds simplicity as well.

Both Rita Ora and Bella Hadid wore this style at the MTV awards and the Film Festival that took place in Cannes. Makes for a great go to prom dress!



For girls who aren’t afraid to show some skin, this dress is for you! Everything about this dress is sexy from the thigh-high slit to the side cut outs. Not only does this dress imply that you are fearless but glamorous as well. The intricate beading on the bust creates that glamorous look you would normally see on the red carpet.

You only get one shot at prom, why not go with something risqué!

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