How To Incorporate Flowers into Your Hair

We all LOVE flower crowns and Lana Del Rey really took the trend to a whole new level! We have to admit that the Bohemiem style is not for everyone! But you don’t have to forget this idea, you can still rock the look!

Here are 5 pics that will tell you the best tricks:


1. Flower Behind the Ear

If you want your hairstyle to be simple but sophisticated, put your hair behind the ear and add one flower on top. Or you can add little flowers too, and it will look romantic and gentle.


Brunette Bride witha a Large Red flower and small pink flower behind the ear

Beautiful bride with three white flowers placed behind the ear


 2. Flower Bobby Pins!

If you are going to let your hair down or if you are more like a halfway kind of girl then bobby pins will be your Best Friend!! You can add little natural flowers which will make your hair super dreamy! These little flowers will also be able to hide the bobby pins.


Blonde Bride with flowers cascading in the hair and on the side


3. Braid Flowers

Boho style hair is a style that came to stay!  Nothing is better than a decorated braid with a lovely placement of delicate flowers that will catch everyone’s attention.


Brunette with Side Flowers in white and large green leaves  

Blonde Haired Model with Flowers scattered throughout the braid


4. Accessorize your Updo with…. Flowers of Course!

We all know updo is our favorite wedding hairstyle if your goal is to go for a super classy look, but sometimes it could be a little too old-school . Adding a beautiful flower set would be the perfect addition to modernize this bridal updo and bring out the romantic that you are.


Brunette Model with Updo and Flowers in the Bun

Bride looking down at her bouquet of flowers with an updo with flowers


5. The Veil Assent

Why not go for a Victorian look? Veil and flowers are not only elegant and delicate but they are inspiring and have tons of personality. The combination of  past and present is always an exciting path that will take you somewhere you never expected to be!


Bride in the water with flowers scattered throughout her veil.

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