Choosing Your Wedding Theme

You are getting married! Congratulations!

You could get really overwhelmed with how many things you have to think about. To make things simpler, first choose your Theme of your big day! Choosing the Theme will direct you to the dreamy wedding you deserve. Here are some helpful ideas to make your decision easier.

1. Your Favorite Flower

You can always start with the flower you have liked since you were a little girl. This will give you an idea of the kind of wedding you have in your mind. Every flower evokes some sort of vibe or theme. You could choose a flower that allows you to create a Royal, Romantic, Victorian, or even Boho theme!



Theme: Summer Fresh!

Theme: Pretty in Pink!

2. Location, Location, Location!!

A BIG part of your wedding theme is of course the place that it will be held at. If are going for a romantic beachy wedding - you can count on a lot of natural visuals to work with - the beach, soft light candles, and the sound of the ocean etc...

A beautiful victorian banquet hall - you can play up with the decor of the venue, their design and color of the space.

A rustic barn - you can play up on the natural outdoorsy vibe, the barn, greenery, and natural escape.

Sunset Destination Wedding with Canopy

Location: Sunset Destination Wedding

Rustic Wooden Barn Wedding Theme

Location: Rustic Outdoor


Location: Garden

3. The Season

From a toasty and orangey autumn wedding to a soft, blush, and full of green spring wedding. You can find all the inspiration for the theme of your wedding based on just the season!

Spring Outdoor Wedding

Season: Spring Wedding

Sunset Fall Wedding with a Dessert Table

Season: Sunset Fall Wedding

4. Budget

We all know how weddings can be crazy expensive, especially if you want more of a Formal theme. You can always go for a classic but vintage theme which is usually way cheaper when you go for a rustic style. No matter how much you add to a wedding, the costs will keep adding up.



5. Colors, look what you love!

You can always pair your most favorite bright color with a neutral like blush and gold, or have a contrast with blue with silver. The inspiration will always pop out when you are working with the colors that you absolute love. It is always a good way to have a color palette of 3 or more colors to work with. If you can't find the exact same match of color, it's ok - just use a shade lighter or darker. You don't have to make everything matchy matchy.



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