All About Alterations!

So what happens when you fall in love with a dress but it doesn't quite fit you. We have a solution for you...Alterations! Ladies our seamstress is able to fix almost any issue you may experience with a dress that could possibly be preventing you from purchasing your perfect dress.

If a dress is too tight and we're not able to get one size up, we can always take the zipper out and replace it with a corset back or criss-cross. This will make the dress a size or two bigger and makes for a beautiful back. Also with a corset,  the dress will fit your body like a glove as it was made just for you!

If the dress is too loose and we're unable to order a size smaller, we can take the dress in a few inches from the side or from the straps so it fits you perfectly. If you're worried about gaining weight in the next few weeks before your big event, we can open the stitching and readjust it again to your new measurements or you can put a corset back instead.

When you're trying on a dress at our store location and it seems like it may be too long, we can always hem it for you. However, before getting too concerned about the length of the dress, try bringing your heels in with you and trying the dress on with them. This will give you a better understanding of how long the dress will actually be. If you don't have a pair of heels already, we have a few at the store that you can use when trying on the dresses. However, we suggest that you bring in the pair that you're going to wear on your big day when you come to get the dress hemmed so we can do the alteration accordingly.

Now one of the most frequently asked questions we get is, can we add sleeves to a dress? The answer is yes. Most of the dresses come with a sheer scarf and we can use the scarf to make cap sleeves for your dress. Also for girls who aren't a fan of strapless dresses, we are always able to add spaghetti straps for you or even thicker straps if you prefer those instead.

Another question we get often is whether we are able to turn a long gown into a shorter dress for our grade 8 grad customers. The answer is yes. We can turn most of our dresses into shorter dresses for our grad clients. Many girls wish to do this because they fell in love with the design and/or style of a long dress but want it for grad. This definitely can be done!

Really, the possibilities are endless on how a dress can be adjusted/changed. You just need to speak to our seamstress about your preferences and we can make your dream into a reality!

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