Accessorizing for Prom

Prom is just around the corner! Are you ready to be the center of attention and shine bright like a diamond? We always focus so much on finding the right prom dress, but we can’t forget about the accessories? I feel accessories are always the last thing we consider when prom shopping and that is perfectly okay. It can be stressful trying to find the right accessories to go with your dress but we’ve developed a guide to help make this part of shopping a whole lot easier for you!

Compliment your Look with Contrasting Colors

When you have a solid colour dress, you want to find jewelry that will contrast well with your dress. This helps make the dress stand out as well as make the accessories pop! For example, if you have a red dress, go with some accessories that have royal blue gems in it. The cool blue tone of the gems will contrast beautifully against the warm red tone of the dress. 


Pay Attention to Dress Style!

You always want to take your dress style into consideration when looking for accessories. For example, if you have a high neck dress, you don’t want to pair it with a necklace because you’ll just have too much going on around the neck area. A bracelet or a statement ring would be a more suitable fit. Alternatively, strapless dresses would look great with a statement necklace or a simple choker because you don’t have much going on around the neck area to begin with.

Pair Neutrals with Multi-Colored or Extremely Detailed Dresses

If you have a dress that has more than one colour or a lot of detail, you want to accessorize with neutrals. This means go with a simple gold or silver. You don’t want to add coloured accessories because your look will be too busy. The same goes for shoes. Pick neutral gold or silver shoes, nothing with colour. Now in reverse, if you have a simple neutral coloured dress, accessorize with bright colours to make your appearance really pop!

Amp up that Little Black Dress!

Everyone's go to colour is ALWAYS black. It’s a colour that everyone feels comfortable in. However, some girls may feel like it’s a little too, well, basic! We have a solution for this and that is accessorizing! When you’re accessorizing with black,  you want to look at two colours, gold and silver. You will never go wrong with these. Pairing gold with black is a classic combination that will give the perfect amount of shine. However, if gold isn’t quite your thing, then pair the dress with silver as a contrast to black instead. This will give you a more edgy look! If you want a more dramatic look, then bright toned accessories is what you want to look for. This will make you pop!

Remember that Diamonds are TRULY a Girl’s Best Friend

No matter what dress color, cut, or style you choose, diamonds, rhinestones, or other clear gems will always make a statement. Having the right amount of sparkle shows you know how to dress yourself with style. Similarly, pearls also complement almost any style and/or colour dress and this will give you a classy look. Style icon Coco Chanel always paired pearls with almost all of her outfits. If you’re stuck searching for the perfect accessories, remember that you can’t go wrong with diamonds or pearls!  

If you get stuck searching for accessories, look to your style icons for inspiration. Give yourself time to try out accessories with your dress so you make the best choices. When you look your best, you feel your best. Make your prom night a memorable one with a beautiful dress paired with the right accessories!


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