5 Rules For The Best Prom Ever!

Can’t wait for prom 2017?! We don’t blame you! However, we know that you’re probably wondering if there are any guidelines or proper etiquette to follow, so we compiled a list of 5 rules to keep in mind for prom:

1. Start your search early! You want to start searching for your prom dress early. This way you are giving yourself a lot of time to try on various amounts of dresses and styles. Trying on many dresses will help you decide which colour or style better suits you. If you shop last minute, you won’t be left with much selection and you will be rushing yourself to just settle for a dress. This also goes for accessories as well ladies! You definitely don’t want to settle on such an important night!

2. Plan a budget. You want to chooses a budget for yourself. When creating this budget, be sure to consider shoes, accessories and obviously, the perfect dress! If you come up with a budget early on, you can start to save for your prom and possibly save up more than your original budget, which means more shopping for you!

3. Booking appointments. Many of us get so consumed with the idea of just our dress that we tend to forget that we also need to get our hair, makeup and nails done as well! And because the months of Prom are very hectic for all makeup artists, hair, and nail salons, you want to make sure you have booked your appointments very early on...I’m talking months before! You’d be surprised as to how many salons run out of availability in the month of May and June. You don’t want to be stuck last minute doing your own nails, makeup or hair and stressing out the week before!

4. Comfort. This is very important ladies. You want to make sure you are 100% comfortable on your prom night. This means walking around in your prom dress the day before and making sure you can manage in your dress as well as in your shoes. If you’re not comfortable in your dress or shoes, you are not going to have a fun night and we don’t want that. You also want to make sure that you are comfortable with your overall prom look. How can you check this? Style your hair and apply your makeup a few weeks before prom to see if you like how it looks on you. This will give you an idea of how your finished look will be for prom night. If you feel anything needs changing, play around with styles until you find one that best suits you!!

5. Lastly, have fun! You have anticipated this night pretty much all throughout high school, make sure you have the best night ever! If you have followed our 4 rules above, you will be sure to have a stress-free night and that is what we are going for. Also take lots of pictures, you want to remember this night!

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